Please note:
Eyelash extensions require time booked days
in advance.

after with just a few enhancing eyelashes
Individual, synthetic eyelash extensions are glued individually to each one of your natural lashes. 

Although our glue will last up to 6 weeks, your lashes are actively shedding, so losing your lash extensions, with your lashes, is expected.
1/2 hr. = $35
1 hr. = $60 (most popular)
2 hrs. = $120.00

With proper care, our goal is that you won't need to have them filled in until 3 weeks, which an hour should be fine.

Or enjoy them once 
or  for a special event!

Eyelash Extension Maintenance:

  • Avoid water on your eyes for the 1st
                   24-48 hrs of application
  • Avoid hot yoga, sweating, or steam for up to 48 hours after application
  • Avoid oily products around your eyes, such as creams & creamy eyeliner
  • Avoid waterproof mascara
  • Do NOT add mascara to your eyelash extensions.  Removing the mascara will break off many of your extensions.
  • Remove makeup with your fingertips, gently! Do NOT use a washcloth, towelette, or cotton ball over your extensions
  • You cannot use a curler on your extensions. It will likely crack the glue bond.
  • Avoid a hot hair dryer on them. Excessive heat will melt the tips, causing curling.
  • Do not rub your eyes. Call us if your extensions cause you to rub your eyes
  • Do not use oil to try to remove your extensions. We will remove them for you with our special remover if you have an allergic reaction to the extensions.
  • NEVER pull off your extensions unless you don't mind pulling out your natural eyelash with it.
  • YES, this is a steal of a price!!! and the SAME service you pay $175, $225++ at any boutique spa.


This is NOT what we do.
These are "tabs, flares, clusters..."
These are NOT singles, individuals.
Eyelash Perm -$50
No more curling tools for a couple of months until your eyelashes shed,
about every 2 months. 
If you know the difference between this and a "lash lift", please let us know.

Eyelash Tinting -$18  
Eyebrow Tinting-$18
Combined -$30 
Jet black, graphite, auburn, light brown, medium brown...
Frame your face with enhanced color.
Wake up made up with color, for up to 6 weeks!