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A Quick About Depilatory Hair Removal

Threading, Wax it, Sugar it, Soy Wax,  Betty Bare it, get rid of the follicle and destroy...unless you laser multiple times, this is your first fix! 
Ah, Dear Sweet Followers,
Do you have any Meditterean descendence?  Talk to me: how bazaar is it, that amongst this geographical line close to the equator, women grow thicker hair/insulation, but in colder extremes, hair growth is sparser?
Regardless of what you know, you DO know that you are here reading because you Hate your body hair.
Coming to Anne Bonny's is your cheapest body hair removal with some options.
Great for facial hairs.  Witch Hazel to cleanse, an antibacterial thread with a twist to wrap hair withinto, hair is gone, little by little.  Everyone swears the affects last longer!
Shear off eyebrow, lip, chin hair, and facial fuzz, with very little irritation.
Treat the skin to remove hair with follicles.  Get larger areas gone quick and easy!  Hair grows in at a soft taper.  No more shaving stubble.  Continue waxing every 4 weeks to retard the follicle and reduce hair growth.  Everyone's outcome is different, because of genetics.
Remove hair with less impact on skin.  Organic product, requires more time,
but still requires sugaring every 4 weeks to retard the follicle. Traditionally, it is "molded" into the base of the hair and whipped off, as much as the hand and flat area can handle.
 Hair grows in at a soft taper. No more shaving stubble. Continue sugaring every 4 weeks to retard the follicle and reduce hair growth.
Soy "wax" is not a wax, but what else can we call it?!  Soy depilatory is another way to remove hair whilst being gentle on the skin, but tough on hair removal and eventually destroying follicles. 
The Finipil  industry promotes a great product for afterward, to disinfect and cool the pore, so the body can expand to retard the growth of hair.
Hair always needs to be 1/4 in. to win the tug of the depilatory.
Use Betty Bare during the summer when you can't wait for your "wax", to avoid razor stubble irritations.
Avoid sweating, tight clothes, and other irritations within 12 hours;  to protect the pores from irritation/infection afterward!

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