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Everyone's Beautiful Names

As a parent to be, you imagine your beautiful child with a beautiful name, never in your wildest dreams do you picture the havoc of phonetic spelling that they could endure throughout their lifetime of daily contact.
Granted the basics aren't an issue, only the exotic spellings of the basics and/or indigenous renditions of names...
At Anne Bonny's we strive to limit contacts strictly to a phone number so that even the basics aren't misenterpreted.
I can only imagine a lifetime of every application, every job, every contact, ever...of slowly spelling the correct version of your name and sometimes pronunciation.  Currently I know of someone from S. America being deported due to a passport issue of his name, not his fault from his application!
My own dog, Diogee, created pure chaos for a vet tech trying to listen to me spell her name.  She just didn't get it.  D...I...O...G...E...E...  "Your dog's name is Dog?"   "No, we call her Diogee."  She actually got attitidude and I took her to another vet, but that's no longer there, now we're here.
Thank you to all with a beautiful artistic name, who understands and spells it slowly, knowing that this new to us.  You can only spell "Jennifer" so many ways, but "Danielle, Danyelle, Daniel, Danyel, Deniel, Danelle, etc. can go far.
'Apologies for the slightly taboo subject, but I'm tired of waxing on about food since I've been dieting.  Cabbage soup works great! but the carb deprivation drives you to...be a little irritable?? 

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