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The First Brazilian

For all those of you who shave, considering that first Brazilian wax is all that's keeping you from trying it.  You HATE the razor burn, the ingrowns, but you also hate hair more.
For one thing, all your junk is purely exposed.  Although I'm sure there are a few, how many of us want our Man to spend time working around our junk in broad daylight?! 
Not only that, but what kind of pain do you have to look forward to?!
Can I just tell you how insecure I was about my own anatomy before delving into the world of Brazilian's?  Wow, I'm not unusual, what-so-ever.  I used to do my OWN Brazilian when living in Maine, because I was bored.  I have the scar tissue to prove my attempts.  But I'm not going to show you.
By the way, I don't suggest trying to do your own Brazilian wax unless you are a seasoned waxed veteran with very little hair.  I'm still waiting for that goofus who tried her own and "glued" herself together and comes in for repair!  I've heard the stories...I'm waiting for that girl to save...  BTW, DON'T think taking a hot bath will help loosen that wax.  Folklore suggests it will encourage sticking you to the tub.
Can I just tell you more, that we don't care about your junk, but are looking critically about where your hair is, and which way it's growing, so much so, that I don't notice your tattoo's until your 3rd visit or so, because I'm also yammering incessantly to while away time and get your mind away from the reality of what you have to bare? (pun intended)
I swear at least 98% say that it wasn't as bad as they imagined.  Recently one of my troopers tried a Brazilian at her boyfriend's request, who seems to have faded away, but she came back for herself, because she found she appreciated the results, and THAT'S what I'm talking about!
One of my girls that I haven't seen for several months :@(   just came back, and was pleased to know that her husband had been encouraging her to get back into her waxing routine.  And he is starting his...when???  (hahaha)
Unfortunately, when you don't keep it up for some few months, it can feel like the first time when you pick it back up again.  At least you know that the ouch goes away and the results can be kept at bay. xo

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